Tour Striker

December 17, 2009

New Golf Products

The Tour Striker training club is the best teaching aid I have ever seen for learning to retain the angle at impact and it will improve your ball striking immediately.

When I took this club to the range, I was honestly apprehensive about my abilities to hit it.  Even as an accomplished player, it had an intimidating look to it; with the small face and Titanic-sized bounce.  But after only a few flag-high shots, I was able to consistently reproduce promising golf shots, and so were the other golfers I witnessed hitting the Tour Striker.

The magic in this club is its simplicity.  It does two things unbelievably well.  The first thing is it gives you instant feedback.  If the ball goes soaring, flag-high towards your target, then you have hit it incorrectly.  If you produce a high launching, “normal” ball flight, then you have squared the head up properly and executed the shot correctly.  There are no in-betweens.  You have your result instantaneously.

Secondly, it teaches you in an incredibly intuitive manner. If you don’t get your hands in the proper hands-leading-club head position, then you will hit it badly.  Conversely, if you have your hands in the proper position at impact and you will hit it well.  There are no other variables.  It is that simple, and that’s what makes it brilliant.

At $99, you can’t afford not to own one of these.  This teaching aide is a must for any level of golfer.  What I love about this club as a teaching aid is there is no room for error in setting it up, there is no prep time, and no chance for misinterpretation.  You leave it in your bag, pull it out, hit it, clean it off, and put it back.  Well done Tour Striker.

You can purchase your Tour Striker at

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Here’s an instructional video, by Martin Chuck, the Director of Golf at Tetherow Golf Club, and inventor of Tour Striker.

Read Kendra’s Vallone’s review of Tour Striker here:

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